Monday, May 29, 2017

Casual Styling For Outdoor Wear in an ExOfficio Top

Comfortable Casual Outdoor Wear ExOfficio

*Not a sponsored or paid post. All opinions/writing are my own. 

I truly can't imagine why it has taken me this long to share my ExOfficio top with you! I've had it a couple of years and wear it a lot! It is one of my absolute favorite tops for casual and comfortable outdoor wear.

In fact, I like this top so much that I also own it in blue. The pattern is so pretty IMO and it is a very light poly/cotton fabric that washes beautifully, travels beautifully and goes well with either my solid color pants, jeans or skirts.

My tops were purchased at a local outdoor consignment shop called, Second Gear. They also sell some new items and sample items. These tops were new items. 

I looked online trying to find these exact tops to link for you but couldn't find them. I no longer have the tags that came with them for the exact style name. I believe that this style also had a matching tank that could be purchased with the shirt. When I bought mine no tanks were sold with them. It is a thin and light material so in Summer I add my own tank underneath. In Fall/Winter I add a turtleneck underneath. Yes, I wear this top year round!

ExOfficio brands seem to work well with my body type. In my opinion, other outdoor brands don't seem to be cut as well for the pear shape even in larger sizes. I can get disgusted and discouraged when I try on a larger size in some other brands and it is skin tight and uncomfortable and looks terrible on me! Dressing room mirrors and trying on clothing can be a negative experience at best sometimes. Don't need other stresses to go with it! I haven't had those experiences with the ExOfficio brand that I can recall. 

So, do you have any big plans for the week ahead?  How about plans for Summer?  Now that Memorial Day is here, Summer has officially begun. As a retiree, I find that my feelings about Summer are a little different this year. I have a more relaxed attitude about Summer knowing that I don't have to try to cram all of my "to do" list items in during the school break. Not so for Mr.thisandthat who is still teaching and has already made a loooong list of Summer chores even though he has three more weeks to go before his Summer break. (Which, by the way, is not three months as is usually thought. Teachers haven't had a three month break as long as I was in teaching!! Teachers also do not receive pay for time off during the student's Summer break. Just feeling a need to speak out for teachers!)  I plan to enjoy a pretty low-key summer continuing to do my things around the house and work on writing projects and, of course, my blogging! Hope you have some fun plans, as well!

*Hope you'll leave me a message. I love to hear your thoughts. Have you worn ExOfficio? Do you have favorite casual Summer outdoor wear looks that you love? 

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Sharon said...

I really like both the print and the style of your top, Debbie. I have had similar dressing room experiences, and just like you, when I find a style and/or brand that works for me, I stick with it!

Deborah Ross said...

Thanks, Sharon. Definitely, if I find a brand that works I try to buy other items!

Nicole Mölders said...

This blouse looks great on you. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party.

Karen said...

I really like the top and the colors in it. I'd wear it all year too. Isn't it great when you can layer things underneath and enjoy it all the time? I know what you mean about the dressing room mirrors. How many times I go in thinking I've nailed the size and then put it on and try to blame things on that mirror!! It can be disheartening, but I have found that across brands, sizes are all different. Even in the same store, depending on the style, you have to try different sizes to get a good fit. When you find something like this top, best to stock up like you did! These are just happy colors!