Monday, August 10, 2015

This and That.....About Styling A Foyer Table!

Today's post is going to take me into new territory on the blog. Namely, I will be talking about giving style to the foyer of my home by adding some cute touches to our foyer table. I am certainly not a certified interior decorator, but I do enjoy adding style to my home whenever I can. I hope you enjoy looking at my attempts! Maybe you will gain a few new ideas for touches you would like to add in your home!

For a while now, I have enjoyed changing the decorations on display on this table. Each season brings a new challenge in terms of how I would like to decorate. The table is a tall planter style piece of furniture that we bought unfinished and then Mr.thisandthat finished it using a clear polyurethane stain. It fits snugly in the corner of the foyer and has just enough area to create some cute displays. I'll begin with the display I used in February when I was thinking of Valentine's Day.

 I love the way the pink color of the heart goes with the reds of the vase, strawberries, the ladybug on the Hope rock and the picture frame. The patchwork material adds just the right touch to complete the Valentine look!

As the months moved forward to Spring, I kept a few of the same items but added some flowers for a more Spring like look. I also changed the table covering using a beautiful scarf.

I think the butterflies add just the right touch to announce Springtime, don't you? Here's another view of the Spring display.

I really enjoy the different garden rocks I use in these displays. And the snow lady holds gardening tools announcing that we still may have some winter weather, but gardening time is definitely not far away!

As early summer approached, I decided to do a fun display using an antique looking bicycle with a doll seated inside the basket. I completed the look by adding some summery silk flowers and displayed the arrangement on a brightly colored cloth. The doll was a gift to me from one of my sisters, so this display adds sentimental value as well!

I think the doll's expression just shouts summer fun!

Since we are now well into August, I decided to change things up with a late summer display. I think a beach theme is just right for this time of year! I have many lighthouses throughout my house, so I borrowed some to place on the foyer table.

The blue scarf and blue glass marbles give a hint of "ocean" to the scene!

And I love the seashells that we picked up at the beach a few years ago!

To carry through with the blue ocean theme, I added a Blenko water vase and a glass dish filled with more blue marbles. These are on display on the bottom shelf on the foyer table. Here is the completed look.

It always gives a fresh look to the entrance of my home when I change the display. I'm already thinking about what I can do next! Hmmmm....what will Autumn bring to the table?

I hope you have enjoyed a look at my attempts at styling! Until next time....may your style bring you happiness!

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Julie Wunder said...

Super cute idea! I love butterflys anywhere!