Friday, May 26, 2017

John Denver Got It Right About Sunshine!

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy!

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John Denver got it right, my friends. A little sunshine on my shoulders does make this girl happy!  We have had so much rain of late, and I know that rain is necessary, but those dreary days were gettin' me down! 

I was so excited to see the sun that I grabbed my camera and wandered around outside in my bathrobe snapping photos of the sunlight glinting through the trees and other delights of nature on our property. Aren't you glad I didn't snap a pic of me in my bathrobe?!

We've had so much rain that the stream that runs through our property is a cascading waterfall right now.

I love the sound of the rushing water.

The mountain laurel is in bloom. Mr.thisandthat's favorite flower!

Our poor rhododendron bushes had beautiful blooms that got beaten down by the rain and by the tree that fell across our driveway a few nights ago. But, the petals on the ground are still beautiful.

My garden flowers are blooming beautifully right now. Fingers crossed that they continue to bloom and grow throughout the hot days of summer!

I take joy in looking at the rock formations.

And all of the greenery!

And the clear blue sky!! A little bit of Nature's eye candy for you today.

I am so blessed to live in such a park-like setting!

"God looked over everything He had made,
It was so good, so very good!"
Genesis 1:31
The Message

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Color Block Dress Styled Two Ways

How To Style A Color Block Dress

Color block dresses are so popular right now and I was excited to find such a comfortable one to style for you. Made by Premise the soft t-shirt like material surrounds me in comfort and will be worn frequently this summer I know. I'm styling the dress two ways for you today.

First off is a more formal look with heels and a classy purse. The uneven hem adds interest to the classic dressy look.

These open toe pumps are one of the pairs of heels I kept when I did a shoe clean out awhile ago. The brand is Life Stride Velocity with memory foam and they are comfortable for wearing and walking. 

This unique purse is a thrifted find from Goodwill, but it was brand new and never used before. I have received numerous compliments on this purse since I have been carrying it. I love the clutch style with the unique handle and the embedded flowers that remind me of the sixties! 

For a more casual look I added white capris leggings and traded out the heels for my Skecher white wedge sandals. 

You have seen these shoes on the blog before. I said it before and I'll say it again. These shoes are soooo comfortable!

I chose bracelets that would coordinate well with the white/black/mist grey heather colors in the color block dress. These bracelets give a nod to those colors.

And I knew I couldn't go wrong with my Paparazzi wrap bracelet on my other wrist. 

Whether I'm looking for a dressy or a casual look, this color block dress will help me to go through the summer in style!

Like the look?  Feel free to pin my photos.  Also, hope you will leave a comment.  Do you like the color block style of dresses?  

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Scriptures #17-John 15:13 Laying Down Our Lives for Others

      How Do You Lay Down Your Life?
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 

John 15:13

Sometimes particular scriptures come to mind and I wonder why. Today's scripture is an example of this. I was praying for guidance concerning what to write about for Saturday Scriptures and this scripture almost immediately popped into my head. But then, I wondered why it had popped into my head. What is its meaning for me and for you? It's wonderful when a scripture comes to my mind that applies to a situation that I am going through at the time, but today this didn't seem to be the case. To me, laying down your life has always meant dying. When Jesus spoke this scripture, He was referring to his imminent crucifixion. As I pondered this scripture, however, the thought occurred to me that perhaps there is more than one way to "lay down your life" for another person. Perhaps dying isn't always involved. Mothers lay down their lives for their children when they care for their children's needs over their own. Spouses lay down their lives when they provide care giving for their spouse rather than pursuing another activity. Friends lay down their lives for one another when they take time out of their busy schedules to be with one another. Family members lay down their lives when they give up personal time to interact and care for one another. Volunteers lay down their lives when they choose to do something for someone else that doesn't involve pay or personal gain. The list can go on and on of ways that one can "lay down their life" for others. Although the ultimate laying down of one's life is dying to save others, like Jesus did for us, I believe the Lord is reminding me that there are other ways, as well, to lay down one's life for another. And in whatever way we lay down our lives for others, we are giving of ourselves as an act of friendship and love. 


Thursday, May 18, 2017

There's No Place Like Home! Red Tunic Top and Flats

Home Sweet Home!

Hello, hello!  I'm back from my technology break and so happy to be able to create a new style post for you!  While I was on break, I took a little trip up to West Virginia to see my sisters and extended family members. I enjoyed seeing my family so much, but it was still good to pull into my driveway when the trip was over. 

I'm wearing red today because I feel like Dorothy from, "The Wizard of Oz."  Remember how she clicked her red heels together and chanted, "There's no place like home....there's no place like home?"  That's how I feel when I travel. When I'm away from my home here in Asheville, I miss Mr.thisandthat and my home and routine. But, when I'm home here in Asheville, I miss seeing my other family members. Have you ever read the book, "Sarah, Plain and Tall," by Patricia MacLachlan? There was also a movie made of this children's book. It's such a wonderful story about a mail order bride named Sarah who travels cross country by train to meet Jacob Witting and his two children to see if she can "make a difference." Sarah misses her life in Maine and the children worry that she won't stay in Kansas with them. At the end of the book Sarah reassures the children that she is staying and explains to them that, "there is always something to miss no matter where you are." That's how I feel about my home here in Asheville and my family home in West Virginia. 

One of my accessories today is this cute purse that was thrifted from Goodwill. The cherries and greenery go well with the red theme. 

This purse is handmade and so cleverly done. It contains several compartments and holds a lot for such a small purse. It can be carried as a clutch but also has a strap for over the shoulder. 

Other accessories include this unique silver chunk style bracelet from Target.

And a favorite silver bangle bracelet watch.

My backyard flower garden survived my being away for a few days. Although the bears pulled some of the stones loose and that will need to be repaired. At least the flowers were not trampled!

The porch flowers are doing well, also. This red tunic top is by Cupio and was purchased at Stein Mart. (Similar by Rafaella Studio here). The red shoes are Bandolino flats. (Similar by Kelly & Katie here.)

And now for a surprise. Meet my sisters!  From left to right is Barbara, Joyce, Sharon and Star. Since our Mom passed away 20 years ago, we have what we call a "Sister's Lunch" each time we get together. No husbands, children or grandchildren allowed....just us five sisters. It's always a precious time together when we have a Sister's Lunch and remember the special bond we share. 

I love my sisters and our time together at Olive Garden was a special afternoon indeed. I didn't snap any pics of the food, but it was yummy!

If only my red shoes were real magic shoes that I could click together at will and zap myself between West Virginia and Asheville whenever I wanted! But, alas, I have to be content with visits every so often. When I'm here I think of them there. And when I'm there I think of Mr.thisandthat and our life here. I guess Sarah was right. There's always something to miss no matter where you are!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Greetings and A Message From Debbie

A Message From Debbie

Greetings dear readers! Did it get cold where you live this past weekend? I had to get out the sweaters again! Yikes! Where is our warm Spring weather? Just around the corner, I know. Just want to let you know that I will be taking a technology break for the next ten days or so. It's a healthy thing to do every once in awhile. But no worries, I'll be back with more great posts and Saturday Scriptures in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, have a great week and Happy Mother's Day to all of you awesome women out there. Whether you have given birth, adopted, are a pet parent or have cared for others, we women all "mother" in many different ways. 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday Scriptures #16-Psalm 29 The Flat Tires and Rainstorms of Life

Finding Strength In a Rainstorm

Colorado Mountains from

God makes his people strong.
God gives his people peace.
Psalm 29: 11

Mountains always remind me of both God's strength and God's peace. High mountain peaks are so majestic rising above the land. I think of how throughout the centuries the mountains have been assaulted by the weathering of wind, rain and snow and yet still stand tall against all odds. Looking to the mountains reminds me of the words of Psalm 29 which speaks to the strength and peace that God gives to His people.

Yesterday was an incredibly rainy and windy day here. I traveled from our home to the Blue Ridge Parkway driving to an appointment with my husband. As I drove along, I suddenly noticed the tire pressure light come on and then a little later began to notice the vibration under the car that told me I had a flat tire. My first instinct was fear. It was raining and windy and I was driving alone on the Parkway with no place to get over. What was I supposed to do? Saying a quick prayer, I began looking for a pulloff. I knew just a little further down the road was a visitor center I could pull into. Would the car make it?  Driving and praying, I drove slowly until I saw the turn up ahead. Edging gently into the turn, I drove cautiously to a parking space, turned off the motor and got out of the car into the deluge to inspect the tire, which was indeed flat to the pavement. I quickly got back into the car and called my husband who turned around on his route to come help me. In a few minutes he arrived and endured the rain and wind whipping around him as he changed my tire. 

This was a mild inconvenience in the scheme of things that go on in our world. A flat tire is not the end of the world. But, I still felt God's strength and presence in that moment. It's scary when things don't go as planned. I certainly didn't expect to have a flat tire alone on the Parkway when I set out from my house. But, the truth is that in all of the "flat tires" of life, we are truly not alone. God's strength and peace are always with us in all of the rainstorms of life. I'm grateful for this knowledge. 


Friday, May 5, 2017

Jewelry from Katherines Corner

Sharing Some Blog Love and Beautiful Jewelry

(Not a sponsored post. All writing and opinions of my shopping experience are my own.)

Hello, Hello!  I'm excited today to share two of my favorite topics with you; namely beautiful jewelry and friendship! I inherited my love of jewelry from my Mother. She always wore lovely bracelets, earrings and rings and I certainly love to do the same! Recently, I decided to order some jewelry from a blogger friend of mine. Her name is Katherine of Katherines Corner. Her blog is full of lovely things and includes links to her online shop. I first met Katherine when I was a "newbie" blogger trying to learn how to join link parties. Katherine participates in several link parties throughout the week and I was happy to be able to link up on her blog. Then, she announced that she was going to be hosting a special blogger event series called, "Between the Lines, Bloggers 50 and Up You Should Be Following." I was thrilled when I told her of my interest and she accepted me! I was to write a post in which I answered Katherine's interview questions and include pictures and on my assigned date my post would appear on her blog along with four other bloggers. This series ran for over 12 weeks so there were LOTS of wonderful bloggers participating. Being so new, however, I had no idea how to do any of the "techie" things needed in order to get my post onto her blog. I was a bit panicky. But, wonderful Katherine took it all in stride and took care of all of us bloggers, even sending us the code necessary and writing out in detail what we needed to do in order to put the code in our posts correctly. I was so grateful I can tell you and so excited when my post came out! If you missed it you can read it here. Katherine has continued to be a supportive bloggie friend by continuing to answer questions for me as well as creating the "Between the Lines" Google+ community of which I am a member. Katherine sells many things in her online shop so please take a moment to browse and do some shopping. She also supports and partners with other artisans in her shop, as well. 

So, let's take a look at what I found in her shop! You all know I love Paparazzi jewelry and I was thrilled to see that Katherine's shop sells some Paparazzi. I am happy with all of my choices that you see here. Let me show you each bracelet up close. 

How beautiful is this Amethyst Flower Vintage Style Cuff bracelet? I fell in love with the delicate styling and purple flowers. Just lovely. 

And, I have been getting a lot of wear from this Paparazzi Boho style wrap bracelet. Unfortunately, I see this style is sold out on her site, but there are many other choices available. 

This gorgeous Paparazzi bracelet is called "Valley of Fire Turquoise."  The color combination is perfect for both Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter wear. I love versatile pieces and this one is definitely versatile. It is also available with orange beads if you prefer that color. 

And this lovely bangle bracelet was a "surprise" gift to me that Katherine included when she sent my order. How sweet!! I must tell you that I was so impressed by how professionally Katherine handled my order. When I finished placing my order, I immediately received an email receipt. I was emailed when the order was in route and I could track its progress if I wished. She estimated the time of my order's arrival to the day and even sent me an email once it was delivered confirming that it had arrived! Impressive! The jewelry arrived in lovely gift wrapped boxes and Katherine included a hand written note thanking me for my order. It was like Christmas morning! I truly felt special being treated in such a lovely manner. I do hope that you will take a moment to visit Katherines Corner to read her blog and visit her online shop. You won't be disappointed. I was not asked to do this post and was not compensated for doing this post. This post is my way of acknowledging the kindness Katherine has shown to this "newbie" blogger and my way of saying, "Thank you, Katherine." You will be seeing this lovely jewelry in many fashion posts to come!

Until Next Time,

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