Peace In The Mountains

Peace In The Mountains

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Pumpkins Are Coming!

It's All About The Pumpkins!

Photo by William Ross

Seems like this has been a weekend for pumpkins at my house. It all started Friday evening when Mr.thisandthat and I watched over the "Pumpkin Patch" at our church. Our congregation sells pumpkins each Fall and splits the profits with the Navajo Indians who grow the pumpkins. Our church uses the pumpkin profits for mission projects throughout the year. Doesn't looking at this pumpkin patch make you want to watch a Charlie Brown video?

And I finally got around to updating the foyer table with pumpkins and scarecrows. This is a similar look to last year, although I added some height to the look with an upturned basket to make a seat for one of my scarecrows. 

I also moved the wreath and wall hanging from the table to the door, double stacking the hangers. Here is how the table looked before.

And here is the completed look on the foyer table now. 

This pumpkin with the carving of a willow tree is one of my personal favorites that I like to display each year.  This pumpkin reminds me of a happy day with the hubby when we were just out and about one Saturday afternoon several years ago. We stopped at some shops in Biltmore Village, which is located right outside of the Biltmore House area, and found this lovely pumpkin. Unfortunately, the little shop closed soon after we bought this pumpkin, but it's still a happy memory of a fun day spent together. 

Charlie Brown and Lucy

It's been a good weekend filled with pumpkins and Fall decor. Here's hoping you have had a great weekend, also, and that your week ahead is awesome....and no one pulls the football out from under you!

Until Next Time,

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Classic Skirt and Blouse Look

Styling A Classic Look

What could be more classic than a grey skirt and a white blouse?

The crisp, clean lines of a long sleeved white blouse is an elegant look that can be worn in any season.

I've had this white blouse for many years and, until recently, had relegated it to the back of my closet. When I saw this grey skirt at a local Goodwill store, I knew the blouse and skirt would be a perfect match! The wide black belt adds a touch of class to the look, as well.

To be honest, I've been a bit reluctant to tuck in shirts and blouses in recent years due to my "ahem" mid-life bulge that seems to have developed since I turned 50. However, the wide belt and grey color seem to have a slimming affect that I think looks good in this outfit.

And how about the pop of red with these dynamite shoes? These thrifted shoes are Liz Clairborne Flex and add a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Here's a close-up of these gorgeous shoes. Yes, they are "30 minute" shoes, but I've gotta tell you, they are so pretty, I think the 30 minutes will be worth it!

I decided to change up the look with a different white blouse. This one has pretty designs along the scalloped edging which are meant to be seen, so no tucking. The three quarter sleeves also have lacy designs that are so feminine and pretty. Notice how changing the blouse style takes the look from an elegant, classic look to a more feminine look. This blouse was also a thrift shop purchase a couple years ago.

I also switched out the shoes to a more comfortable black pair with block heels. Definitely easier to walk in than the red pair....but not nearly as eye popping!

Ah heels....much better, don't you think?

The classic look of a white blouse and grey skirt never go out of style. This look is a staple that can live in your closet and be loved and worn time and time again. Keep an eye out at the thrift stores for this look.....or shop your closet to see if, like me, an article of clothing has been pushed to the back that needs to be front and center in your closet once more!

Now friends, I know these photos are far from perfect. I shot these photos in the house after work tonight and the lighting was not the greatest. But I haven't done a style post in awhile....and I'm still coughing from the flu bug I had....and.....momma's I'm gonna go ahead and get this post on the blog. Hope you enjoy the style anyway!

Until Next Time,

(All images on this post are property of Debbiethisandthat.)

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Morning Devotional

Lavender Bath Salt

"Let me tell you why you are here. You're here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You've lost your usefulness and will end up in the garbage. Matthew 5:13

I'm asking myself how I can be the salt that Christ calls me to be as I awaken this morning. How can I bring out the God-flavors of this earth as I walk through this day? May your day be blessed and may you feel the love of God as you begin a new week.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Let's Talk Social Media and Technology

Public Domain Image
Oh, it used to be so much easier, I think. Someone called you and you picked up the receiver and said, "Hello."  You wanted to "type" something and you sat down in front of the ole typewriter and went to town. No?  You think it's easier today with smart phones, ipads, computers, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and on and on and on....aaaaghhhhh!!

I guess you could say I am on technology overload right now.....

You may have noticed I haven't posted in almost two weeks. It's been a combination of things that has kept me from it, including taking two pretty much back-to-back online courses about using technology and then coming down with a case of...I don't know....the crud? Fever, stuffy head, sneezing, sore throat...ugh. It hasn't helped my temperament that's for sure.

Perhaps I have officially become a curmudgeon....

It's not that I don't want to learn new things and keep up with the times. I really do. But, there seems to be so much to keep up with. I will now reveal a secret. I had never joined Facebook until earlier this week. Yep, it's true. I just never saw the point and plus we were always being "warned" about Facebook as teachers, so I just decided to stay away from it. Until this week, when I was required to join a Facebook community for one of my online classes. So, I caved and set up an account. Just doing that much seemed like a huge step for me. But, then, our teacher...a really kind and knowledgeable man by the way....has had us doing video talks with him in Hawaii and delving into all the opportunities for online publishing. I never knew so many opportunities existed! Perhaps it's the fever talking, but I am overwhelmed right now by possibility.

Maybe there can be too many choices?

I don't know about you, but when I am presented with too many options and choices I kind of feel like I have been blindfolded and someone is turning me around and around in circles. The blindfold comes off and I'm so dizzy I don't know which way to turn.

That's how I feel about technology and social media right now. I'm dizzy....

Starting this blog a little over a year ago was a tremendous technology leap for me.  Then, I discovered Pinterest and then Google+. I figured out how to join circles on Google+ and connect my blog posts to my Google+ page and to my communities. I discovered how to save things I find online and like to my Pinterest page. I can reply when someone leaves me a comment on the Google+ page. I thought I know....with it.  I'm cool, I'm cool, oh yeah.....

And then I joined Facebook

Oh my goodness, people.  I have entered a whole new world of friends and family and acquaintances and comments and sharing and commercials and.......

I kind of feel voyeuristic....

I feel like I am able to look into peoples' lives and their photos and their comments and I see what people are writing to me...none of it bad...but everyone else sees it too....I think....I'm still learning. And more and more people keep showing up or are recommended and I see folks from years ago that I knew.

And I'm not sure how I feel about it....

Somehow, even though it's been really great to see people and to glean some of what they are doing right now, I can't help but wonder....

Are we losing our privacy? 

Do people really need to care that I had a great summer vacation?  Do they really need and/or want to know that I ate Tacos last Tuesday? (Just examples, mind you.)  Does everyone need to connect with me and do I need to connect with them? And yet, I feel that tug....that share..... OK, so I think some questions need to be asked. At least from my perspective....

What is relevant?

I guess people will answer this differently. What is relevant information to one person may not be relevant to another. But, shouldn't we be asking this question? And, maybe even, talking about it?

What is meaningful?

What brings good to someone else's life?  What uplifts and encourages, rather than tears down?

Where do we draw the line?

Maybe there are some things that are better left unsaid, or unshared, as the case may be.  And, how much time should we be devoting to sharing and clicking and liking and plus oneing and on and on and on?

These are questions I'm asking myself.  You may already have the answers. 

It's a whole new world out there with technology, people. Maybe I'm just late arriving at the party....

But, at least at parties, we talk face to face with human beings. 

I hope we never lose the ability to talk face to face with one another. Even if it's on Skype or Zoom or Google Hangouts. I have to tell you, I get a little concerned when I see folks never diverting their eyes from their phones. Even while they drive or walk down the street.

I don't want to get too plugged in.

And, as I say this, what am I doing?  Oh yes...typing on a computer after which I will post it to my blog and then upload it to Google+ and then post it on my Google+ communities and then.....very likely....share it on Facebook.


Am I too far gone with technology?  And should I be worrying about being too far gone?  I know, this is the wave of the future. Sink or swim, right?  Although, the way I feel right now, I'm treading water and may need a lifeboat soon. Anybody paddling my way?

I'm taking a brief step backward....

I did make one decision that moves me backward and not forward with technology. I'm changing from a smart phone back to a flip phone. It just seems so much easier to me. No more swiping on glass surfaces and screens freezing and blackouts and having to pop the battery. I know...I'm hopeless.

Just flip the phone open and say, "Hello." It's not that different from picking up a receiver.

Dumb phones rule.  Talking face to face rules.  And, yes, I am a curmudgeon.

Oh...and if you like this post, or it gives you food for thought, or you can might want to share it on Facebook or Google+ or Pinterest.


Until Next Time,

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

LEGO Art At The Arboretum

LEGO as Art

Raise your hand if you liked to play with LEGOs as  kids. How many hands are in the air? Probably a lot. LEGOs are a favorite of kids around the world....and many adults. In fact, some adults turn LEGOs into art as you can see in the picture above. 

Mr.thisandthat and I visited the North Carolina Arboretum near Asheville a few weeks ago where LEGO art by artist Sean Kenney is on display. This is the second time the arboretum has displayed LEGO art and we were mighty impressed by what we saw! Can you imagine using over 52,000 LEGO pieces?!

Each creation was so imaginative and looked real! Doesn't this eagle just look like it could take flight at any moment?

It was interesting to read about each design and to see how many LEGO pieces were used to create the object.

Even a sundial was made out of LEGOs. See the little bird perched on the sundial? It's made out of LEGOs as well. 

Close-up of the little bird. 

This design used "only" 27,000+ pieces!!  Sean Kenney must be one patient person!

As luck would have it, my camera battery died soon after we got to the arboretum and so I had to resort to using my camera phone for the rest of the photos. (Note to self, charge the camera before going on a photo shoot!) I was impressed with how all of the creations were displayed in a "natural" setting, like this duck with her ducklings who were next to a stream. 

And doesn't this snake look real?! It was coiled under a tree stalking a LEGO "mouse" who didn't get in the picture. 

But, here's my favorite!  You just knew there would be a butterfly didn't you? Absolutely gorgeous and so intricate! 

Just had to get my picture taken next to this one!

The North Carolina Arboretum is such a beautiful place to come and visit. There are water displays, trails to walk on and the main visitor center as well as the Baker Center that typically houses some type of artistic display and gift shop. There is also a cafe where food can be purchased in the main visitor center. And, if you like Bonsai, there is also a Bonsai exhibit. Lots to see and do if you decide to come for a visit!

Mr.thisandthat and I hiked in this area long before the arboretum was here, but now that we have this lovely arboretum we enjoy being members. If you would like to know more about the arboretum you can check out their website here. Now, go enjoy your Sunday and have some fun playing! You might even want to get yourself some LEGOs!

Until Next Time,

No compensation has been received from either LEGO corporation or The North Carolina Arboretum for this post. All writing and opinions are my own. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Styling for Late Summer, Early Fall

How To Dress For The "In Between" Seasons

If you're like me, you may find it challenging to figure out how to dress when it's that "in between" the seasons time. It's not officially Fall, and yet it's pretty late in the Summer. It's still too warm to don heavy sweaters and yet you want to give a nod to the fact that it's September. What's a wannabe fashionista to do?

Luckily, as I was shopping my closet today, I remembered I had this short sleeved sweater in a lovely Fall orange color. I love the sleeve length on this sweater. It's long enough to give some warmth without being too warm. The only negative with this sweater is its length. Kind of wish it was a little longer over the hips and derriere. I believe I bought it at Stein Mart, but it's been awhile so I can't be sure.

What I am sure about is how much I love the pairing of this sweater with the mustard color scarf. Love this combination of just says Fall! Found this scarf at Walgreen's. Two for $5 need to check out their selection of scarves!!

This is a good example of how to wear a color if it isn't a "typical" color choice for your skin tones. I don't typically choose to wear yellows around my face as this color can make my fair skin look "washed out."  However, wearing a black sleeveless top as a base and adding the gorgeous pop of orange with the sweater balances out the mustard yellow of the scarf next to my face. It's a winning combination in my opinion!

How about you? How do you dress for the in between seasons? Do you have a favorite color combination you love to wear? Hope you'll take a moment to share. 

Until Next Time,

*This is not a sponsored post. No compensation has been received from any stores or brand names mentioned. All writing and opinions are my own.
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Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall Arrives on the Foyer Table

Fall Arrives on the Foyer Table

It's been months since I've mentioned the foyer table. Have you been wondering what's been going on with it? To be honest....not much!  Summer was really busy with house chores and traveling. So, the foyer table has pretty much remained the way you last saw it here. I just haven't taken the time to update the look. 

But, with the arrival of September, I felt that the bright summer colors didn't quite fit the early Autumn feel. 

I'm not really ready to pull out all things pumpkin quite yet. So, I went with a modified Fall look. This door hanger says, "Welcome Fall," and the edging matches the wreath I created last Fall. You can check out the diy burlap wreath post here

The orange table cover along with the burlap wreath and wall hanger and the colors of the cat and decorative pear all speak to Fall....while the cat also adds a note of whimsy to the look. 

I added a Longaberger basket to the bottom shelf to carry through with the colors of Fall. Found this basket awhile ago at a local antique barn and love the fact it came with the plastic liner and pretty cloth liner, as well. I'm a big fan of Longaberger. 

As I've said before, the foyer table tends to set the theme for the seasons at my house, so I'm happy to be updated for early Fall. I'll continue to "tweak" the look as we move into October and November. Pumpkins will worries there!  This foyer table theme is also a good example of using things I already had on hand..with the exception of the "Welcome Fall" hanger which I picked up recently at the Dollar Store. When creating table venues, start with what you already have and go from there. 

And now...for an added bonus.....

Just want to share a pic of these beautiful flowers that Mr.thisandthat surprised me with this past weekend. He's such a sweetie!! Aren't they beautiful? You can never go wrong with flowers gracing the table....

Until Next Time,

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