Monday, September 25, 2017

Pink Fall Swing Dress

Wearing Pink in Fall

It may be Fall on paper, but in terms of weather we are still having summer like temperatures. It's not quite time for heavy sweaters yet so I am still loving lightweight fabrics, shorter sleeves and the color pink! Who says pink isn't a Fall color?!

Swing dresses are so popular right now and I'm really embracing this style. I've already styled swing dresses for you in black and blue colors, so why not pink? Swing dresses are perfect for pear shaped women. This dress material hangs beautifully and the loose fabric swinging around my abdomen and hips covers any lumps and bumps that could be there. The material is a lightweight crepe.

What truly sets this dress apart, in addition to the hot pink color, is the beautiful pearl studded neckline. It was the neckline that caught my attention right away when I saw this dress at the Dillard's Outlet at our local outlet mall. The pearl neckline is so dainty and feminine and no necklace is needed!

As with the other swing dresses I have styled, you can dress them up or down depending on where you are going. Adding dressy heels and pearl and pink bracelets takes this dress to a more formal style. I also like the peach color clutch with a fringe tassel. Peach goes well with hot pink and adds a classy touch to the look.
I want to show you the versatility of these swing dresses by styling it casual. Here, I'm wearing the dress tunic style and added a white lace cami and white leggings for a casual on-the-go running errands or lunching out with friends type look. The blue and white dotted flats add a whimsical touch to the look. I love being able to get several outfits from one article of clothing and this pink swing dress fits all my requirements for versatility!

Have you bought any swing dresses? Do you love versatility with clothing? How are you transitioning your wardrobe to Fall? Are you still wearing pink? Hope you'll leave me a message. Your comments make my day!

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Scriptures: Praising God for Normal Days
Today is what I would call a "normal" day.  Nothing big is happening, I'm not particularly worried about anything and it is a normal Saturday for us. We slept a little later, went out shopping and bought Cassie a cat tower, ate lunch out and came home. I dusted a little on furniture when we got home. All normal Saturday activities. The thought occurs to me that these normal days sometimes feel so usual, that it is easy to forget to praise God for the "normal." What a wonderful gift normal days are!! At this moment, no one we love is sick, there are no disasters happening in our home or family and we are just doing the routine. Routine is a good thing and I praise God for the routineness of today! I pray, that your day is equally "normal" for you, as well. 

From Psalm 18: (The Message)
Now I'm alert to God's ways;
I don't take God for granted.
Every day I review the ways He works....


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Monday, September 18, 2017

Rhys Bowen Mystery Books Review

So What Have You Been Reading Lately?

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I can answer that question. Evan Evans Mysteries written by Rhys Bowen! These books have become my new reading obsession and I have devoured quite a few in the last six months!
If you haven't tried any of the series written by Rhys Bowen, I urge you to give them a try. She writes three different series; Evan Evans Mysteries, Molly Murphy Mysteries and A Royal Spyness Mystery. I've read books from all three series but my two favorites of her series are #1 Evan Evans and #2 A Royal Spyness. Nothing wrong with Molly Murphy, but it just hasn't captured my attention so much as of yet.
I had read a couple of the Royal Spyness books in the last couple of years and enjoyed them. This series, set in the 1930's, is based on the life of Lady Georgiana Rannoch, a young woman who is 34th in line to the English crown and has no money. She is usually called upon to do some task by the Queen and ends up in a mystery of some sort in which she is typically irritated by her cheapskate brother, Binky, and his wife, and is assisted and rescued by her valiant love interest, Darcy. I find this series to be more lighthearted and funny than the other books Rhys Bowen writes.

My true reading obsession over the summer, however, has been the Evan Evans series. Set in present day Wales, the series begins by introducing the reader to Evan Evans, a policeman in the village of Llanfair. Evan lives in a local boarding house and does his best to take care of the crimes, large and small, in his quaint village. You meet wonderful characters that reoccur in each book such as Evans-the-Meat, Evans-the-Post, Evans-the-Milk, Betsy, the buxom barmaid who keeps her eye on Evan, and Bronwen, the local schoolteacher who captures Evan's heart. The books in the series cover serious topics while still injecting humor and a little romance. I especially enjoy the ongoing "feuds" between the two local churches played out by the scriptures displayed on the church front signs each week. Tidbits of Welsh language is also strewn throughout the books and adds a touch of realism to the setting. I have been making trips regularly to my public library to get these books in the series and I am sad because I think I may have read them all at this point! Hopefully, she will write some new titles. 

If you are interested in reading books by Rhys Bowen you can read about each series at the following links:

So, what have you been reading lately? Hope you'll leave me a comment!

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday Scriptures: Dealing With the Shoulds of Life

Letting Go Of The Shoulds
Does anyone else besides me have trouble letting go of the "shoulds" in life? By this, I mean letting go of guilt over things we are doing rather than things we think we "should" be doing. As in...I should be sweeping the floor instead of reading this book. Or....I should be taking a walk instead of eating a cookie. And my personal favorite....I should be writing a chapter of my book I keep intending to finish instead of working on the blog. I could keep going, you know. There are lots of "shoulds" in my life. How about yours? Usually my list of shoulds have something to do with my doing something that I actually enjoy and that comes easily to me instead of doing something that is less interesting....or scary.....or hard.....or thought provoking....or boring....or....well, you get the picture. 

Sometimes, I wonder where my list of "shoulds" comes from. Some of them come from society. As in, "to be healthy you should get 30 minutes of exercise daily." Hence, my guilt over that extra cookie I just ate. And over my lack of desire to exercise, even though I really do want to be healthy. (Sigh)

Sometimes, we get shoulds from advertisements. They may be subliminal, but they are there none the less. Like when you see the kid getting ready to cut his sister's hair with a smirk on his face and his Mom just smiles and grabs her dusting mop and within seconds the floor is immaculate and shiny. That dust mop just took care of everything didn't it? (No mention of disciplining the child by the way). Wouldn't it be great if we could just dust mop life's problems away? According to that commercial, that's what we should be doing. Who knew all it took was a dust mop?

Let's face it. We get "shoulds" from all over the place. Television, magazines, groups and organizations we belong to, our families, books. We read or observe or hear about something and suddenly we realize that is the thing we should be doing, or eating, or buying, or listening to, or participating in...

To be honest, I'm not entirely certain where I'm going with this post. But, it seems to be a topic that is on my mind today. Perhaps it is because I am debating some "shoulds" and trying to make up my mind about how to proceed. It sometimes feels like a tug of war within ourselves, doesn't it? 

Not all "shoulds" are bad, of course. Some are there to protect us and keep us safe. We were taught as children that we should look both ways before crossing the street. If we don't, we can get run over. Likewise, we are told that we should wash our hands before eating. If we don't, we risk getting sick from germs. These are some pretty basic shoulds, of course, but you get the point, right? Some shoulds are important. 

In Luke, Chapter 10, Jesus arrives at the home of Mary and Martha. He is made to feel quite at home by Martha, who worked busily in the kitchen. I'll bet Martha had a whole list of "shoulds" don't you? They didn't have those dust mops back in Biblical times, but I bet if they did, Martha would have had one! I picture her house as immaculate and her meals to be perfection. Martha thought she knew what her sister, Mary, should be doing. And that was helping her in the kitchen. Scriptures tell us that she said the following: (from The Message version)

"Master, don't you care that my sister has abandoned the kitchen to me? Tall her to lend me a hand."

Don't you just hate it when other people think they know what you should be doing? And don't you just hate it when you yourself are struggling to decide between doing something you think you should be doing and what you really want to be doing? Do you suppose that Mary had any of these feelings as she sat at the feet of Jesus instead of working in the kitchen? And, was Martha really happy cooking and being the perfect hostess? Or did she just think that this is what she should be doing while, secretly, she really wanted to be in there listening to Jesus herself? Here is how Jesus replied to Martha.

"Martha, dear Martha, you're fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it-it's the main course, and won't be taken from her."

Sometimes, when I read this scripture, I like to remove Martha's name and put in my own. "Debbie, dear Debbie, you're fussing far too much and getting worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential...."

It sounds to me like the only true should is the one where we sit at the feet of Jesus and listen.

What do you do about the "shoulds" of life?


Friday, September 15, 2017

Leggings or Jeans and a Tote Bag Trick

Styling A Checkered Shirt

When I decided to do a photo shoot of this checkered shirt on the blog, the plan was to style it with leggings as you see above. However, after taking several photos and looking at them I, maybe not, this is not a good look. I felt that the shirt didn't come down quite far enough to hide the top of my legs and I felt that the look was unflattering. Luckily, in this photo, I am holding the clutch bag strategically, so my upper leg is covered. So, I changed my plans and my clothing.

At least, I changed part of my clothing. Instead of leggings I went with skinny jeans and added tennis shoes and my new tote bag. More on the tote bag later. 

Since the shirt doesn't have the length of a tunic it needs the structure of a heavier pant in my opinion. I like this look better on me. I also decided to belt the shirt to emphasize my waist. It's a very casual look, especially with the tennis shoes, but even though it is casual, the look is still polished. I really like this shirt and have been wearing it like crazy. I also bought the shirt in a pink/tan check pattern. 

Now, let me share my tote bag trick. For awhile I have been trying to move to smaller purses that don't hang off my shoulder causing pain. Those shoulder bags can get really heavy and hurt, especially if I am walking around with the purse on my shoulder while I shop or run errands! The problem was, though, that the smaller purses/clutches didn't have room to carry all my things. What to do?

So, I simply carry a smaller purse/clutch that I toss into the tote bag with the other things I need such as my snacks, hairbrush, book to read, water bottle, etc. The tote bag stays in the car and I can remove the smaller purse to carry with me into stores for shopping. I'm loving this solution and I have a variety of totes in various colors that I use for this purpose. Problem solved!

Checkered pattern shirts seem to be trending this season. Have you jumped on board with one? And have you tried carrying a tote? Hope you will chime in and share your thoughts. I love hearing from you!

*By the way, after writing this post, I was trying to figure out which term to use....checkered, checked or plaid for the shirt. I discovered all could be used fairly interchangeably, although the size of the pattern might need to be more uniform to say plaid. Just an interesting tidbit!

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Repurposing A Sewing Basket for Jewelry Storage

Giving Second Life to An Old Sewing Basket

A few months ago, I found a larger sewing basket at Goodwill that better suited the amount of sewing paraphernalia I have accumulated. But, I couldn't bring myself to part with my older, smaller sewing basket.

This smaller basket had been a gift many years ago from my oldest sister and I couldn't bear to give it away. So, for these last months it has sat empty on a shelf in our spare bedroom. 

A couple of days ago, it dawned on me that this would be an excellent place to hold some of my costume jewelry that was sitting either loose on my dresser or in a couple of containers. This is much more organized, with room to see what I have.

There's even room on the lid to hang earrings, hair clips and tuck a bracelet in the pocket! 

Have you found different ways to use a sewing basket other than for sewing supplies? Can you think of some new ways? Hope you'll take a moment to share.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday Scriptures #32-When The Storms of Life Are Raging

Getting Through The Storms

As I am writing this, we are anticipating that Hurricane Irma will hit the Florida coast tomorrow. It has already caused much damage in the Caribbean and is called a "monster" storm. Texans have already felt the ravages of Hurricane Harvey and are trying to recover from that storm. It seems every day different "storms" are announced on the news. Sometimes these storms are weather related. Other storms are related to immigration issues, threat of war and people's inhumanity to others. Each of us can probably think of personal "storms" we are going through in our own lives. It seems that storms of some kind are always imminent.

There is a hymn that we sing frequently at church, that is on my mind today. I am going to share the first line with you as I feel it is relevant to all we are facing today. The words and music to *"Stand By Me" are by Charles Albert Tindley (1906).

"When the storms of life are raging, stand by me;
When the storms of life are raging, stand by me;
When the world is tossing me, like a ship upon the sea,
Thou who rulest wind and water, stand by me."

I pray that we all can take comfort in remembering that, no matter what storm we face, God rules over the wind and water of life. May God's blessing and safety be with us all today.


*Source of hymn lyrics, The United Methodist Hymnal, 1989 edition.